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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is not involved in regulating lease agreements between mineral property

owners and producers, except that minimum royalty payment is prescribed by law. Lease agreements are

contractual matters between private parties. DEP does not audit payments, read or calibrate meters or tanks,

or otherwise get involved in lease matters.

Note: Please note that the Application Addendum will not be accepted after May 1st, 2009.

The Water Management Plan format noted below should be used.

NOTE:  Drilling Permit Applications Fee Changes – See PA Bulletin Link

NOTICE. System work has been completed to accept electronic quarterly reporting for Marcellus Shale subfacility level water withdrawals for those sources that have been registered. Operators may now go to to resume or begin quarterly withdrawal reports pursuant to their water management plans. Operators having previously registered water sources are being notified by either email or by letter of the resumption of reporting along with information necessary to gain access to the Greenport reporting application. Operators with unregistered sources must first register their sources prior to reporting. Information on registration may be found at keyword “Chapter 110”. Those registering sources are to be sure they include their source initiation date on the registration form.

For sources subject to SRBC and DRBC approvals, water monitoring and reporting plans meeting DRBC and SRBC requirements satisfy DEP’s requirements. Reports should be submitted to SRBC and DRBC respectively. Since DEP has access to those reports, separate periodic reports need not be submitted to DEP, but operators must file their annual Act 220 water use reports with DEP.

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