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DLP Files Gas Company Truck Accident Death Case In Federal Court

35mph sign Montrose, PA Mack Truck Accident
The law team at Dougherty, Leventhal and Price, LLP has filed a Federal Lawsuit this week against a drilling company and its’ driver who caused a violent accident causing multiple injuries and a fatality.  A Mack Truck loaded with approximately 3,000 gallons of mud was overweight and driving at speeds greater than posted. As a result, it failed to stop at a stop sign. The driver turned into an oncoming lane and violently impacted a Subaru legacy carrying two passengers seriously injuring one and killing the other.

The entire complaint may be viewed here. (PDF)


Luzerne County landowners waiting in natural gas boom

Gas-drilling leases negotiated in Wyoming County, not coming as quickly here.

TUNKHANNOCK – While Wyoming County landowners are heavily involved in the regional natural-gas boom, almost all Luzerne County landowners are out of luck, at least for now.

“It’s not always fun. There’s going to be some angst, there’s going to be some anxiety,” said Jack Sordoni, who heads Wilkes-Barre-based Homeland Energy Ventures LLC.

Energy companies and geologists have estimated for decades that billions of dollars of natural gas is locked in a layer of rock called Marcellus Shale that runs about a mile underground from upstate New York down to Virginia, including the northern tier of Pennsylvania. Only recently have technological advances and higher energy prices made extracting the gas financially feasible.

Speaking during a meeting Wednesday evening at the Tunkhannock Area High School, the Harveys Lake native said oil companies aren’t yet interested in crossing the county border. He said his family’s land in Wyoming County has been leased, but companies have refused to consider contiguous land across the county line.

However, Chris Robinson, who is brokering leases in Wyoming County for nearly $3,000 per acre and 17 percent royalties, said he’s already leased the western edge of Fairmount Township in northwestern Luzerne County.

Sordoni added that Dallas, Lake and Franklin townships are areas “Chris and I are hearing (about) repeatedly” and are “still very much prospective and in play.”

Luzerne County landowners anxiously awaiting a lease offer probably won’t have to wait long for an answer. Robinson, who’s from Allegheny County, said he planned to continue negotiating leases in the area until the gas companies are no longer interested.

“I don’t think it’s going to take that long. It’s measured in months at most,” he said.

The wait might, however, offer local landowners examples to consider. Unlike other land groups, the Wyoming landowners rolled all their concerns into the lease instead of adding addendums.

“The difference is this is our lease. This is about us,” said Chip Lions, a member of the group who’s now doing lease work.

The meeting was sponsored by Stone House Wealth Management LLC, a Montrose-based financial planning firm that’s advising landowners and selling them investment portfolios. The company, which started the Web site, got involved a while ago “because we saw where this was going to go,” said John Burke, an investment adviser with the company.

The good news, Robinson said, is that he can get leases for any property within the companies’ interested regions, no matter the size.

“I can’t tell you how many I’ve signed for 1 acre or less,” he said.

Additionally, he said that while some gas companies might honestly stop leasing, other companies new to the area desperately want in on the drilling rights. And, he said, they can check for clear land titles within five days, contrary to the three months they tell most land groups.

For landowners concerned about environmental problems, he said state agencies are good at watching drillers, noting his own enforcement experiences.

He warned, however, to not go it alone.

“The mass of ground gets people the best deal, period,” he said. “People who break away, you may be penalized and you may be penalizing your neighbors.”

Rory Sweeney, a Times Leader staff writer, may be reached at 970-7418.

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