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Coal Company signs largest gas lease in county

Published:  January 3, 2011
The Scranton Times Tribune
By Laura Legere, Staff Writer

 A Laflin-based coal company has signed the largest Marcellus Shale gas lease so far recorded in Lackawanna County.

 Silverbrook Anthracite leased six parcels totaling 1,635 acres in Archbald and Carbondale Twp. To Davis Land Services, a Texas-based land services agency, in October.

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Bucking Trends: Marcellus Shale Producing Counties Continue to Add Jobs as Unemployment Climbs Elsewhere

Marcellus job growth the largest “for any sector in [PA], save for…temporary census jobs”

Want to know how tough the economy is in Pennsylvania right now? Of the Commonwealth’s 67 counties, only five did not lose jobs over the past 12 months. But only two of those counties actually improved their unemployment rate (that is, lowered it) by more than two percentage points compared to last year. And wouldn’t you know it — they just happen to be neighbors: Bradford and Tioga Counties. One other thing they share in common: They both happen to be places were Marcellus Shale producers are investing millions of dollars a day to develop clean-burning natural gas for the Commonwealth.

You’ve heard of the Marcellus Multiplier, now meet the Rural Revitalizer. Take a look at the numbers for yourself: In counties where the responsible development of the Marcellus Shale is taking place, jobs are being created, unemployment rates are being held at bay, and millions of dollars are being returned to local governments to provide for essential services.

Bradford County’s story is among the best. In 2009, the local unemployment rate was approaching 11 percent. Today? As recently reported by the Towanda Daily Review, it “leads the state of Pennsylvania in new job creation with 2,000 more people employed than one year ago.”

Today’s Scranton Times Tribune sheds additional light on the positive and lasting impact that Marcellus Shale development is having on job creation and growth across the Commonwealth:

In May, a Penn State University study funded by the natural gas industry said development in the Marcellus Shale region would create 88,000 jobs in 2010. With unemployment up in the state, Bradford County has bucked trends with an unemployment rate that has gone down in the last year.

The Current Employment Statistics for the state in May show statewide mining and logging employment of 23,900, up 2,300 for the year. That growth, 10.6 percent, is the largest rate of growth for any sector in the state, save for federal government employment gains from temporary census jobs.

In Bradford County, an area of high drilling activity, seasonally adjusted unemployment is down a full percentage point, from 8.8 percent last year to 7.8 percent in May. Establishment data, a count of jobs in the county, showed a 1,100-job gain during the year, or 5 percent, to a total of 22,900 jobs, according to state data.

Regional Newspapers Highlight the Economic, Workforce Opportunities for Pennsylvanians

  • “With the boom in Marcellus Shale natural gas development throughout the region, area educational institutions are growing to keep up with work force demands. New training, certification and degree programs are being created at local schools to ensure local job skills are tailored to white- and blue-collared job needs related to the natural gas drilling industry. … An industry-financed study conducted by Penn State’s department of energy and mineral engineering, which offers an undergraduate degree in natural gas engineering, expected Marcellus Shale natural gas extraction efforts to create more than 200,000 jobs in the state and have an overall $18 billion economic impact by this year. (Scranton Times Tribune, 6/28/10)
  • It’s just a great opportunity for people to really see what opportunities this industry can provide,” Thompson said. “And it’s not limited to natural gas drilling and extracting. It’s everything. It touches so many different verticals, from food, insurance, gas rig and well site construction, it really runs the gamut of what a lot of people in this area have been doing well for years.” (Morning Times, 6/28/10)

Editorial Pages Underscore the Opportunities Created Through Responsible Marcellus Development

  • “Ground was broken Tuesday afternoon for a Natural Gas Park that will serve the needs of an energy source for the next century. In the evening, Williamsport City Council approved a land development plan for a new gas industry tenant at 240 Arch St. with the potential for 200 to 250 jobs. … These opportunities for our region, its families and its economic profile come along once in a lifetime. (Williamsport Sun-Gazette Editorial, 6/29/10)
  • Good news for Valley was millions of years in the making: “Marcellus Shale covers an area equal to Pennsylvania and Ohio combined, but the good news locally was concentrated on a plot the size of a couple of city blocks straddling the border of Youngstown and Girard. It was there that ground was broken for V&M Star’s expansion, a $650 million project that will provide construction jobs now and, eventually, 350 jobs making oil-country grade pipe. … Now, with new technology and increasing demand for clean-burning natural gas, investors are looking at drilling thousands of Marcellus Shale wells. And hundreds of miles of pipe for those wells will be coming from the Mahoning Valley. (Youngstown Vindicator Editorial, 6/30/10)

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