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DLP: Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyers

The twelve lawyers at DLP continue to handle more and more complex tractor trailer/truck accident cases throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.  DLP has been retained on several recent fatality cases involving gas industry trucks.  DLP has also been retained on truck accident cases on the local interstate highways.  Several recent cases have resulted in seven figure settlements due to the severity of injuries.

Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyers

DLP has once again been contacted to investigate a major truck accident in Northeast Pennsylvania.  Investigators have been retained to preserve the evidence and round up the facts.  DLP continues to serve many clients injured in Pennsylvania tractor trailer/truck accidents throughout Northeast and Central Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Rig Industry: Jobs?

Recent reports estimated 48,000 new job positions related to gas rig drilling in Pennsylvania.  However, a new report claims only approximately 10,000 jobs have been created and the original numbers inflated to include “new hires”.  The twelve lawyers at DLP continue to monitor this issue as they represent individuals in gas drilling rig accidents, Pennsylvania tractor trailer/truck accidents and other serious injury claims throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania including the Northern Tier.

Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyers

Reports this morning note that Northbound Interstate Route 81 is closed at Mile mark 191 in Lackawanna County due to a serious tractor trailer accident.  DLP is following this story closely.  The twelve lawyers at DLP handle serious Pennsylvania tractor trailer truck accident cases with many excellent results for its clients.