This H2S Train-the-Trainer course is designed to train the participant to deliver the safety and protective measures necessary for worker safety in areas that may contain a risk for Hydrogen Sulfide. The course will focus on both the precautionary measures, as well as mitigation strategies necessary in case of workforce exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide (also known as Sour Gas). This is not an awareness course. The students will be able to issure H2S certification cards. The course will be offered on the campus of Penn College in Williamsport, PA and is sponsored by the Marcellus Shale Education and Training Center and Range Resources Appalachia, LLC. The course will be taught by Ralph Tijerina, CSP. Ralph is the Director of Health, Safety, Environmental, and Security at Range Resources Appalachia and is a Certified Master Trainer in H2S qualified through CHSI in Austin, TX. PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE AN HSE BACKGROUND AND DOCUMENTED TRAINING EXPERIENCE. RESUMES WILL NEED TO BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASS TO DETERMINE ELIGIBILITY OF PARTICIPANTS. SEATING IS LIMITED SO EMAIL YOUR RESUME AND QUESTIONS TO OR CALL 570-327-4775 AND ASK FOR THE MSETC DIRECTOR OF WORKFORCE TRAINING.